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Live Recording:

This is our specialty. We bring our studio equipment to your performance or rehearsal space. We can record in stereo with a pair of professional condenser mics or we can mic up the entire band. Live recording is a great way to collect many songs quickly.


Multi-Track Recording:

You don't have to take your gear anywhere! We come to your rehearsal space (or any other location) and record you track by track, overdubbing as needed. This method is more time consuming, but it allows maximun control and creativity.



Are you a KJ or singer who wants to make a recording with Karaoke backing tracks? Maybe you're having Karaoke at your party and want to record it. We're there. We have enough tracks to record one or more voices and keep the music in stereo. We can then mix the levels to obtain the ideal sound.


Custom Backing Tracks:

We can create full arrangements with Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, and more at a very reasonable cost. Virtually any style including Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, Bluegrass and more. Songwriters, you can hear how your composition sounds with a full band.


PA Rental:

Basic system includes: 2 - 400w Mackie Speakers and Stands, X Air Digital 20 Channel Wireless Mixer powered by Midas, Experienced Sound Man, Delivery and Set-up (Portland area.) We also have available: 2 more pair of Powered Speakers, 4-Passive 15" + Horn Speakers, 2-15" + Horn Monitor Speakers, 2-12" and Horn Monitor Speakers, 4-18" Subwoofers, 24 Channel Board, Shure Mics, and Lexicon Effects.